Lately I’ve been inspired by American magazines in my cooking philosophy – namely Saveur and bon appétit.

One of the new things launched recently by bon appétit is their new healthyish range of recipes and insights. Now you may wonder, what on earth does healthyish mean, is it some new form of marketing jargon to deal with yuppies and health freaks who frequent Whole Foods (by the way I have to admit I am a Whole Foods fan so please don’t judge me). The principle about it is really about knowing where our food comes from and who made it and what ingredients go into the food. It’s also a philosophy about eating healthily most of the time with tasty food and not feeling bad if you do indulge – i.e. if you had a massive meal one night then have a salad for lunch the next day. Don’t count calories and obsess about health effects. Sounds sensible, no?

I began to think a lot about this concept with a few other things.  A Japanese family friend of mine once said that you should only eat until you are 80% full and that your meal should have colours – red, white and green. I understood this to be rice, a bit of meat and vegetables. Again, common sense, a balanced diet sounds about right. My husband is also an amazing cook and will do everything from scratch and it often has led to us having a late dinner or lunch in his pursuit for perfection. I reflect back to my memories of my grandmother who would tirelessly prepare her cantonese-Malaysia style of miss en place – chopping the garlic, ginger and raw ingredients to then spend 5 minutes at the end making a perfect stir fry or cooking a Chinese herbal soup for 4-6 hours for 3 gulps of pure delight. Then I reflect on today when hubby and I decided to go to the garden centre to buy some plants to make our balcony look nice but also to buy some veggie plants so we have our mini interpretation of ‘urban farm to table’ as we enjoy our evening meals on the balcony as the weather gets warmer in London.

It has made me realise I want to have my own interpretation of what I want with my life and food and this blog – I want to celebrate food, from different ingredients stemming from different cultures, I want to make things that are accessible to the every day, but create things that are spectacular when I just feel like it. I also want people to feel that it doesn’t matter what kind of cook or foodie you are and I want to be healthyish – I want to be good most of the time with a structure in my weekly work life but enjoy my food with full fat cream, ghee and pork crackling when the occasion calls for it. But most importantly, I want to write about food that tastes good and I’m not interested in food fads and diets. My two cents.


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