Writing after a long hiatus – life with a baby



First day back at work and the veggie as daddy day care..we made it..

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something on the blog. Since my last post, I’ve had a baby, renovated our flat and after a 7 month maternity leave, I am back at work. The veggie is now at home looking after the little monster aka as baby Willow as we have shared our parental leave. What we have found about meals….you have to be prepared as there is never enough time like it was pre-baby. I found what is useful is actually to prepare meals the day before. The veggie finds preparing food in a slow cooker in the morning for the evening meal helps. We are also on the fun journey on baby led weaning and will share some of our recipes on here. It’s not easy juggling baby food, non-veggie and veggie meals all at the same time. One thing we have learnt – keep things simple.




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