As 2020 draws to a close

If I had been told this time last year that a virus would sweep the world in 2020 and we would have to socially distance ourselves from loved ones, friends and colleagues – I would have laughed out loud and thought it was a bad joke. But here we are, now coming to an end in December 2020, in the middle of a Tier 4 lockdown in London. We did not get to celebrate our traditional Christmas with theveggie’s family in Rutland, and due to Willow having a cough after a cold, we had to self-isolate on theveggie’s 40th birthday earlier this month as we waited for our Covid test to come back (it fortunately came back negative).

However with a few days left in 2020, I’ve taken some time to reflect on things that I’m grateful for. I’m grateful that despite being cooped up in our little London flat, we did have a lovely birthday for theveggie. I’m grateful that through the sheer determination of theveggie (with multiple trips to the shops and Ocado zoom orders), we were able to keep his family’s traditions alive – most notably the lovely Rutland breakfast and Christmas lunch on Christmas Day itself. I’m also grateful we have formed new family traditions for our little family – especially the made from scratch Rendang goose curry from our leftover Christmas lunch. This has been really important for me and theveggie – in years to come, we want Willow to have traditions that she will love that will embrace her British and South-East Asian roots. I always worry Willow will find it hard to embrace both her cultures and theveggie and I are always mindful to try to find ways for her to love all the different parts of her cultural heritage.

I’m also grateful this year that despite the challenges of juggling remote working and full time childcare in pockets of time during the pandemic, theveggie and I have been able to spend a lot of time with Willow. Admittedly it has been exhausting but I know this is a magical and precious time in her life which we will never have back.

Looking forward to 2021, I am hoping the vaccine will help us get our lives back to normal again, or whatever the new normal will be. I hope to continue to stay healthy and stay fit to stave off diabetes as much as possible (the family link is so strong on my side of the family). I also hope to continue to strive to be more creative in my cooking and baking and I hope you will follow me on my journey next year as I strive to be a better baker, cook, mum and professional working mamma.

Wishing you a happy new year and fantastic 2021!

XX Karen


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